+ Bonus tip. 10 Breast feeding essential items.

十樣餵母乳必需品, 餵人奶必需品
10 must-have items for breastfeeding + 1 bonus tip
These 10 items will make your breastfeeding experience easier!
1) breast pad
2) clock/timer
3) notebook, pen
4) hand sanitizer
5) muslin square
6) beverage
7) breast pump
8) garbage bin
9) a little box
10) cotton box

Bonus tip
My husband bought a trolley from Ikea to keep everything together. It was extremely handy because I don’t have a specific room when i nurse. With my trolley, I can wheel it around the house and keep all the essentials close to me when i nurse.

Thank you for watching. I hope you find this video useful. Please let me a comment anytime!

Thank you for watching.

Kayi Cheung