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It’s Kayi here and I am the founder of Mama College.

I am an actress, nutritionist, writer and a curious mom dedicated to helping you find all the answers to make you become a confident parent. My passion is guiding and supporting mothers, like you, through evidence-based knowledge and practical experience.

Whether it’s trying to have your baby latch on your breast, getting your little one to sleep through the night, teaching your toddler sign languages or figuring out what to buy for your newborn, I love helping mothers and make parenting a little less stressful and a lot more fun.

Who is Kayi?

I come from a background with mixed experiences and academic achievements.

I have a Bachelor Degree and Nutrition, a Master degree in Public Health and also received extensive training to become a Breastfeeding Specialist. In 2007, I entered the entertainment industry through winning a Beauty Pageant in Hong Kong and was also awarded Beauty with A Purpose in Miss World 2008.

As an actress and a public figure, I strongly believe I have a social responsibility and I definitely want to influence others positively. My goal is to create an online community for women where they are safe, proud, informed and empowered. Most importantly, I will use my medley of experiences and skills to make you a confident and competent mom.

About Mama College

Since my first prenatal checkup, I’ve been curious about all aspects of motherhood. I crave for answers and won’t leave my OB’s office without being fed with information. Whether it is knowing something simple like why I shouldn’t eat tuna or something more medical-like how having Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (a hormonal condition that I have) might affect my pregnancy. Being an excited preggers and a curious patient, I just need to know. Ultimately, my stubbornness and desire to want to find out everything is exactly the reason why and how I started Mama College.

Which brings me to you…

If you dealing with an itchy baby with eczema, losing sleep because your baby wakes up 6 times a night, struggling to breastfeed or wean your baby, trying to potty training a 3-year-old, Mama College is here to help and guide you. I am here to serve.

Mama College is formed on a bedrock of love, information, and non-judgemental support. Through our free content, e-book, videos and anything else we might offer – we are in this to make you a happy and proud mom. I am here to help you reach the highest levels of your motherhood potential and tap into the deepest wisdom within you.