Hong Kong Public Hospital - Maternity Ward Experience
政府醫院婦產科 - 產前測試

My experience at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital maternity ward was wonderful.

在伊利沙伯醫院婦產科做產前檢查, 有什麼要關注,帶什麼文件登記和有什麼程序呢? 醫生和護士又如何呢?很開心,我終於在這次的檢查認識了懷孕期間需要注意什麼和應該定期做什麼檢查。QEH 的助產士好用心地解答我的問題和介紹餵母乳的好處。想了解更多就收看我的video啦.

In this video, I want to share with you

1) registration procedures at public hospital
2) what to expect at each antenatal visits
3) the pros and cons of public hospitals

I hope this video on Hong Kong maternity ward will be helpful for you. Thank you for watching!

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Kayi, Mama College