Kayi's babymoon in Phuket!

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Thanks for watching my babymoon video, I am now 23 weeks pregnant and I am enjoying my pregnancy so much. At the moment, I do not have any morning sickness, motion sickness or weird appetite. I hope it will remain the same in the third trimester! (fingers crossed)

In my second trimester, I took the chance to go to Phuket, Thailand to enjoy the last “alone time” with my hubby before our baby joins us this September. Phuket was perfect for me because I can just relax by the beach and feel safe staying at a resort that i liked. Unlike my previous trip to Shanghai, this trip was much more stress-free! I loved it!

Message for moms-to-be,

Even though it is very fun to travel during second trimester, please don’t forget to be careful with what we eat and where we go.

Here are some extra tips for preggers:

1) check in at the airport early and pick a nice aisle seat (Do ask for seats with more leg room)
2) do not eat street food, you DON”T want to risk having diarrhea
3) pick a place that’s relaxing with good infrastructure and transportation
4) buy insurance before travelling
5) book a nice and clean resort with nice restaurants and good management
6) don’t be too greedy and over schedule yourself (limit shopping time and do not carry heavy items)
7) always go with someone who you trust and take care of you
8) wear proper shoes so you do not slip
9) walk slowly, do not rush
10) just do everything carefully and do not take any risks

Last but not least, ENJOY YOUR BABYMOON!

Thanks for watching my babymoon video!

Leave me a comment if you are interested in my itinerary.


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