Kayi's basic skincare routine

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Kayi’s basic skincare routine 我的簡單日常護膚程序.


簡單日常護膚程序: 卸妝, 洗面, 精華, 爽膚水, 乳液/日霜/晚霜


I received many messages asking me to share the type of skin care products that I use. This video covers the daily skincare product i normally use.

Usually, I begin with removing my makeup with an oil-based make up remover. I introduced the oil make up remover from Shu Uemura here which works and cleanse quite well.

Then, I will use a foam-based cleanser or exfoliate cleanser (mine was from Kiehl’s) to wash my face again to clear all impurities. After this step, I will moisturize my skin.

Typically, I just put on the hydrating cream (I used Lancome) right away. Some occasion when I feel my skin has special needs, I will layer on a serum before the hydrating cream.
I use vitamin C serum for brightening and vitamin B serum for extra moisturizing effect.

In days where I feel my skin needs extra pampering, I will use the Black tea overnight mask from Fresh, which i find super hydrating and smoothing.

I hope you find these tips useful!

Have a beautiful day!

Kayi, Mama College