Kayi's eyelash extensions

Pregnant or not, get fabulous eyelash extensions so we can have sexy looking eyes without mascara and eyeliner smudges.
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I rarely get eyelash extensions because I think my own lashes are quite weak so I don’t want to damage them by putting weight on them. Usually, I only get eyelash extensions when I travel oversea because it saves so much time.

I don’t have to worry about putting mascara or eyeliner on in the morning. I don’t have to worry about the make up melting middle of the day. Best part, I don’t have to remove anything at night.

This reason I am getting eyelash extension this time is slightly different. I want to see if I am still happy with the results so I can get it before i give birth.
I want to look good when visitors come meet my baby too.

Some of you might not know, usually Chinese mothers try to stay from showering or too much cleaning the first month after giving birth. (“wind” is believe to get into our system that weakens us if we wash often – special ginger water is used isstead)

So i guess I will try to not use so much make up too. Without much makeup, eyelash extension is perfect. I can still have big looking eyes but i can stay away from the trouble of removing it!

Hope you like this video!

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Good luck

Kayi, Mama College