Pregnant Week 37 bleeding incident

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布拉克斯顿希克斯收缩 – aka  假性宮縮



假性宮縮一般會隨着孕期的不斷推進而逐漸趨向頻繁,但是直到你妊娠的最後幾周,假性宮縮可能仍會表現爲偶發的、不規則的、 無痛的, 持續時間和強度是不定的,不會引起你宮頸管擴張.

In this video, I shared my bleeding experience on my 37th week of pregnancy. I thought I was going to give birth as soon as I saw the blood. Apparently, I am 38 weeks pregnant while typing this description and I am still waiting at home for more labor signs.

My bleeding wasn’t accompany with any pain, contraction what not. So i guess I will continue to patiently wait for the arrival of my baby!

子宮收縮可能會幫助你的宮頸變“成熟”:宮頸逐漸變軟、變薄。 寶寶移到了你的盆腔裡. 陰道有流血.. 它甚至還可能會使你的子宮頸管開始略微張開。這個時期有時指示着分娩前期的到來。

Stay tuned.

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