Should pregnant women travel? (Part 1)

Should pregnant women travel?
Is it safe for pregnant women to be on planes?
大肚婆可以坐飛機嗎?Find out and follow my page

In general, Yes, pregnant women can travel and it is okay to be on a plane. However, I only recommend women travelling in their 2nd trimester.

In the second trimester, our morning sicknesses should be gone and risk of miscarriage is reduced. It is a great time to have some fun with your hubby or friends before you are extremely busy with a newborn.


I do not recommend travelling in the third trimester because our belly will be a little too heavy or big to travel around. Also, we can never predict when the baby wants to come out and see the world. So it’s better to be safe and be closer to your doctor and home in the third trimester. (Some airlines will actually reject you when you are close to your due date)




Here are some tips for pregnant women who are travelling by plane.

1) plan ahead
2) pick aisle seats
3) stretch frequently
4) see if you need maternity compression pants
5) consult a doctor to see if you need deep vein thrombosis injection for long haul flights

These tips can help you reduce swelling and improve blood circulation.

If you have more travel tips for pregnant women, please share with us and leave a comment.

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