Should pregnant women travel? (Part 2)

Should pregnant women travel? 大肚婆可以坐飛機嗎?
Is it safe for pregnant women to be on planes?
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Yes it is safe to travel in the second trimester but there are lots of precautions and things pregnant women should be aware of.

From my Shanghai experience (travelling in my 2nd trimester), I made a mistake going to China on a long weekend. It was so packed everywhere with long queues. To make things worst, my flight was delayed 5 hours coming back to Hong Kong.

My extra travel tips for pregnant women are

1) pick a location with less people
2) avoid travelling during long weekends
3) pick flights with good schedule records, not much delays
4) pick a destination with an airport that is well established and less air force control

I hope these extra tips will help you or warn you! Have fun and have a safe trip!

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Kayi, Mama College!