The Miss Hong Kong Guide to Breast Feeding (Part 1)

This video covers 4 areas related to breast feeding.
1) Breast feeding benefits
2) Key to successful Breast feeding
3) Baby’s stomach capacity
4) Proper storage for breast milk

Breast feeding has many benefits. It supplies all the nutrients the babies need. On top of that, it has properties not found in formula. For example, the antibodies found in breast milk only are very important for baby.

Babies’ immune system is not developed yet so it is essential to obtain antibodies from mother’s breast milk to fight against bacteria and infection.

Breast milk are also very convenient because it’s always in the right temperature and it’s absolutely clean. Furthermore, contact bonding is encouraged during breast feeding. Babies feel extremely comfortable and secured in mothers arm and close to mother’s heart!

2) Key to successful breast feeding

Four main points are important for successful breast feeding.

a) Right knowledge on breast feeding
b) Determination ( Many mothers give up because it a very difficult, and time consuming, draining task)
c) Family support
d) Baby Friendly Hospital

3) Baby’s Stomach Capacity
Day 1: 5ml
Day 3: 22-27ml
Day 7+: 45-60ml

Babies’ stomach are small. (for new born, at least 3-4 times a day) It is encouraged to feed frequently (8-12 times a day) after the first 24 hours.

It is not an easy task, hang in there mothers.
PS: This video also informs mothers NOT TO MIX WATER WITH MILK. Watch to find out why!

4) Proper Storage of Breast Milk

You don’t want to spoil the milk. If you want to store it, make sure it is the right temperature.

Understand when breast milk expires at different temperature. Here’s a list to help you!

5-15 degrees Celsius 24 hours
15-25 degrees Celsius 8 hours
25-37 degrees Celsius 4 hours
2-4 degrees Celsius 5 days
– 18 degrees Celsius 3 months
– 20 degrees Celsius 6 months

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