The most common pregnancy symptoms.

女性如果懷孕了,身體會有很多特別的徵兆. 由於每個人的體質不同, 懷孕症狀因人而異. 如果你已經懷孕,你可能會觀察到以下一種或多種症狀.

There are so many different pregnancy symptoms. Every pregnant woman will face different challenges and experience pregnancy symptoms in stages of pregnancy.

I encountered many pregnancy symptoms throughout all three trimesters. In this video, I discuss the various pregnancy symptoms I faced in my first, second and third trimester.

What are you pregnancy symptoms?

What are some common pregnancy symptoms?

月經沒來 – missed period
疲倦 – tiredness
感覺噁心/晨吐 – morning sickness
妊娠劇吐 – puking
乳房變化, 乳房變大、變敏感 – swollen and tender breast
腹脹 – indigestion
小便更頻繁 – frequent urination
情緒波動 – emotional fluctuation
對食物口味改變(嗜食)及對氣味敏感 – change of appetite
抽筋 – spasm

Pregnancy is a fun yet challenging life experience. Family support is extremely important.

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