What clothes to buy for babies?

BB大得咁快,買咩BB衫褲鞋襪比佢哋,先係最實際而又唔會浪費金錢呢?想知道我幫Leora 買啲咩嘅衫,就快啲睇吓呢個video 啦。

Babies grow so quickly, What type of clothes do they really need?
Take a look at what I buy for baby Leora.




Hong Kong is such a small city with a dense population.
Space is always limited. When it comes to preparing baby items, as mothers, we do not want to overbuy because we don’t want the trouble of not knowing where to store all the baby items.

It is important to spend our money wisely and buy only what we need for the baby.

So, What exactly do babies need?
What type of clothes are practical?
What should you buy to prepare for the newborn?

I hope this video will help you answer these questions.

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