What is Cord Blood?
你需要儲存臍帶血嗎? 什麼是臍帶血?

你需要儲存臍帶血嗎?Do you need to store baby’s cord blood?
什麼是臍帶血幹細胞? What is Cord Blood? What is stem cell?
為何儲存臍帶血? What’s the purpose of storing cord blood?
臍帶血可醫治的疾病? What can cord blood do?
臍帶血幹細胞治療? What can cord blood treat?
臍帶血採集流程 What’s the cord blood collection process?

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In this video, I discussed some frequently asked questions about cord blood. Most moms wonder if they need it for their baby or not!

Watch this video and I hope it can help you clarify what cord blood is and if you would like to store it!



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