What is normal and healthy baby poop?
從便便顏色看BB健康 !

What is normal and healthy poop color for babies?

胎糞顏色 Meconium


Meconium is usually dark green and black. It almost resembles motor oil. It is normal. It has this dark color because the baby ingested mucus, bile, water, dead cells from the womb. It usually transitions to brown after the 2-4 days.


Exclusive breast fed babies pass stool that are brown, almost like mustard mixed with cottage cheese. It is more watery than formula fed baby’s poop.

Sometimes if the poop is bright green with lots of bubbles, it may mean that the baby is getting more foremilk than hindmilk. To get a foremilk and hindmilk balance, you can try to let baby complete feeding on one breast before starting the other breast.

Babies who are supplemented with fortified Iron may pass stools that are dark green, which is also normal.


Formula fed babies have poop that are also brown like peanut butter. It is thicker than breast fed baby poop.

If babies pass poop that are very watery for 2 days, they may have a diarrhea or infection.

Please also inform doctors right away if the baby’s poop color is red. It may mean the baby is pooing blood.

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