What Oil reduces stretch Marks?

那一種防妊娠紋乳霜效果好?What Oil reduces stretch Marks?
防妊娠纹霜是什么?妊娠紋膏那一種好? 防妊娠紋油推介! 防妊娠紋膏推介! 那一種防妊娠紋乳霜效果好? 妊娠紋預防和防護! 防妊娠纹霜的使用知识! 如何預防妊娠紋?

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I want to share with you the oils I used that reduced the appearance of my stretch marks.

As preggers, it is a common symptom to have stretch marks and cellulite appearing on our thigh, butt, belly, breast and arms. For some, the marks go away after giving birth, for others, the stretch marks remain on our body for a long period of time.

I already have stretch marks in my first trimester before i even gained much weight. I hope it will not get worse in my third trimester.

Luckily, I tried a few oil and found that a combination of oil and cream that worked well for me.

The 4 types of oil I introduced in the video are:
1) Bio oil
2) CV
3) Hipp Organic
4) Clarins

If you have other recommendations, please leave me a message, I am sure lots of people would love to know!

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