What's in my Go Bag?

臨盆用品準備清單 (走佬袋清單) Time to get ready!
What’s in my Go Bag?

Each hospital (private or public) provide different essentials for mothers and babies. Please double check with your hospital to avoid duplication.

What’s a “go bag”? It’s a combination of all the items mothers should prepare and bring when they admit to hospital for labor.
I have listed the general items mothers need to prepare in their go bag. It is usually prepared a month before the expected due date!

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Below is a general list of items to put in the go bag.

文件類 (Documents)
1. 驗血報告 reports
2. 母嬰健康院產前覆診咭及記錄咭 (Check up Card)
3. 自己身份證 (HKID)
5. 丈夫身分證副本 (spouse’s HKID)


Mother’s Essentials
1. 產婦衛生巾兩包 (Maternity pads for lochia)
– 有扣的配合網褲使用更佳,亦較方便醫護人員替產婦更換
2. 網褲 4- 6條 (disposable underwear)
3. 普通或哺乳胸圍 2 – 4個 (Maternity bra)
4. 乳墊 8-10 個 (breast pads, nursing pads)
5. 紙巾或廁紙 2盒或2卷 (tissue paper)
– 可使用廚房用紙巾,可避免順產小便後清潔下體及會陰傷口時,殘留細紙屑,
6. 濕紙巾 1包 (wet napkins)
7. 床墊 2-4 張 (bed covers)
– 預防惡露染污床單 (可先向醫院查詢有否提供。)
8. 傷口沖洗瓶 1個 (sanitizer)
9. 收腹帶 (waist band)
– 剖腹分娩產婦作束緊傷口之用,可減輕痛楚。
10. 水泡 (maternity cushion)
– 自然分娩產婦使用: 傷口痛時可墊著坐,以減輕痛楚。


Daily Essentials
1. 外套或披肩 1件及長褲 (jacket, pants, PJ, loose tops)
– 產後要小心保暖, 避免著涼
2. 拖鞋 1對 (slippers)
3. 保溫杯 (mug)
4. 密碼鎖 (lock)
5. 乾糧 (少許) (snacks)
6. 手提電話及充電器 (charger)
7. 零錢及八達通 (money)
– 必要時購買用品, 打電話
9. 出院時衣服 1套 (casual clothes)
– 可稍後由家人帶來


1. 毛巾、浴巾 (towel)
2. 牙膏、牙刷、漱口杯 (tooth brush, tooth paste)
3. 潔面乳 (cleansing foam)
4. 潤膚膏、潤唇膏 (lotions, facial creams)
5. 免沖水洗頭水、沖涼液 (清潔身體用乾粉) (Shampoo and Conditioner)
6. 梳 (comb)

嬰兒用品類 (可以生左先叫家人帶去)

Baby Essentials
1. 初生嬰兒紙尿片 1包 (diapers for infant)
2. 嬰兒用濕紙巾或棉花球 1包 (cotton swap, wet napkins)
3. 紗巾 6 – 8 條 (muslin squares)
4. 包嬰兒毛巾 (政府醫院包, 部份私家醫院需自備) (baby towel)
6. 嬰兒衣服、手套、腳套、帽、包被 (baby clothes)

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